Permits is a "like-a-licence" thing. In here, it uses for unlocking a feature that actually will not ban you. It sort like bypass the ban. There is a 99.9% chance that you will not get banned with this special permits!

List of Permits by January 2013.Edit

  1. "Cussing in chat" permit.
  2. Roleplaying in chat permit.

To request a permit, please contact he admins.


1. To prevent fake permits, there is a serial number on the right of your expiry date.

The serial number. Click on it to zoom.

2. Fakely maded permits will not accepted.

3.If your permit exeeds the expiry date, you can't do the particular ability and can't use the old permit anymore. If you want to request a new one, please contact the admins.

4. Fakely renewed permit will also not accepted.